Payment method:

Users can choose products according to their own preferences and wishes, and place orders by cash on delivery.

If you need to return, you can refer to the return agreement of the mall.

After receiving the goods, if you have any questions, please contact our online customer service in time, we will serve you 24 hours a day!

     Logistics terms:

     1, shipping costsFree shipping

     2, delivery time

After the order is successfully placed, we will arrange the goods according to the order in which the order is placed. The delivery period is about 3 working days; the delivery is not limited to the time delivery and delivery within the specified time period, and the delivery service can be provided on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays.

     3, arrival time

The arrival time after the order is completed is about 7 -10 working days.

     4, signing instructions

When placing an order, please leave the address and contact telephone number that you can sign for.

When receiving the goods, please check the goods on the spot, check whether the outer packaging is intact, whether the quantity of the goods matches the order details, whether the shopping list is complete, and do not provide the mobile phone packaging inspection before signing. If the outer box seal is damaged or torn open, you have the right to choose to reject it.

In the case that you cannot sign in person, please entrust others to sign and strictly follow the second item. The delivery courier is only responsible for dispatching the delivery item to the designated address of the courier. Anyone at the address can sign for example, and the counter is not guaranteed to be delivered to the designated person.

For risk reasons, your order cannot be modified after the purchase is confirmed. Please also fill in the correct address and phone number when placing your order. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

From now on, the stranded orders that cannot be delivered due to insufficient information will be retained by the distributor for 5 days. The Company will notify you by email, please reply to the email in the mailbox or contact customer service. If no reply is received for the order within 5 days, the Company will arrange to return it to the warehouse and refund. Please understand the inconvenience herein brought to you.

Return & Refund

    1  If the goods you ordered are defective, you can request a full refund.

     2Regarding the return and refund method and conditions, please be subject to the records of the relevant products in the sales page and the ordering process.

     3The goods you return must maintain the integrity of all goods, gifts, accessories, packaging, and all accompanying documents or materials at the time of shipment. If there is a physical invoice, it should be returned together with the invoice, and you should sign the credit note and other documents required by the relevant laws and regulations; otherwise, the Company refuses to accept your return or refund request.

     4You understand and agree that when the Company needs to handle refund for you if you request a return or exchange, or because the Company cannot accept all or part of your order, or the contract is cancelled or loses efficacy for any reason, the Company shall process on your behalf, documents required by relevant laws and regulations, such as invoices or credit note.

FAQ on distribution

     Q1: Can I specify the delivery time when placing an order?

     A1: According to the “Transportation Company” in the order’s transportation information, it corresponds to different delivery time.

     Q2: How to complain the courier?

     A2: According to the “Transportation Company” in the order transportation information, the customer can contact their corresponding local service hotline.

     Q3: How long does it take to deliver?

     A3: Under normal circumstances, it will be delivered within 7 working days from the date of order release (excluding Sunday).

     Q4: What should I pay attention to when signing for inspection?

     A4: Please ensure that the outer packaging is intact and the recipient can refuse to collect the goods with damaged package.

     Q5: Do I need to provide certificate when receiving the goods?

     A5: No. The courier is only responsible for sending the delivery item to the designated address of the express delivery order. Anyone at the address can sign for example, the receptionist. It is not guaranteed to be sent to the designated person.

     Q6: My order was signed by someone else. What should I do?

     A6: If this happens, please contact the corresponding courier company according to the “Transportation Company” in the order transportation information. Please contact their local customer service.

     Q7: How to check the status of the cooperation vendor's delivery?

A7: Please check the corresponding courier company according to the “transport company” in the order transportation information.

If you are confused about the specific terms and delivery, please contact us at, our customer service will reply to you online all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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